Giacinto Di Pietrantonio
Dear Stefan,
It was very nice to meet you yesterday at the opening in Milan. As I told you Ii suggest to you to be
Maurizio Cattelan for one day.
I am leaving Milano and caming back on monday evening. I hope to see you in Berlin or
Tanks to invole me in your artproject
All the best


Dear Giacinto,

when i saw Cattelans work for the first time he was already quite famous and too be honest i did not care so much about it, i was missing some kind of subtleness and humility. Researching his early work however there were many things that intrigued me. Especially this notion oft escape and withdrawal and maybe not caring too much what other people think (but this is just a guess, maybe it was a strategic move from the beginning).

So in this spirit I thought its nice to dodge this task by just going for an ice cream with Silvia and Helga. (Adding a layer of care-taking and avoiding cynicism, something that I find very important as an attitude towards the world).

I am sure he would have liked that.