Lorenza Pignatti
ciao stefan,
I was tempted to suggest you to visit
the Milano underground… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj-9TYJ1c_
I did a tour yeas ago, but I check and it is not easy without a special guiding tour
is visiting
Toti, the first submarine built in Italy after World War II
that used to be underground but now is overground


Ciao Lorenza,

I spent the day thinking of what it means to be underground while at the same time being out on the surface just like a submarine that is displaced on dry land far from the ocean.

On my way to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, I met a vendor from Africa on the street, who is in Milano sans papier, that sold me a small blinking LED-key-chain flashlight, learned about a talk on “Hong Kong – Storia di una Revolta” organised by the Federazione Anarchista Milano from a poster on the street and observed a group of bike food delivery guys that all took a break together in a park.


Carrying this thought around in my head, I realised how much it changed the way I perceive the city, how we are constantly surrounded by things and people that are exactly in the position of existing underground while being placed on the surface. The vendor that is in the precarious situation of positioning himself in the risky situation of selling things illegally on the street since he has no legal status in this country, an organisation that is placed on the periphery of society advertising a solidarity evening in the glossy part of the city or the precarious work force of the 20th century racing through the streets to make their cut for a day.

Many thanks again for your contribution, I am sure this will grow into something.

All my best


PS. The Museum was closed on the day I wanted to go and due to Covid 19 it would not have been possible to see the submarine from the insight anyway. However I managed to sneak inside the building somehow and see this huge piece of metal for myself.