An Paenhuysen
Most of my writing is based on overheard conversations that I use as a material for my writing. For one day, overhear people’s conversations (preferably drinking coffee on a terrace) and make notes of the excerpts of conversation. If you don’t speak Italian, try your best to understand what the people are talking about. You are allowed to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. You can also include body language and description of the persons you are overhearing. At the end of the day,
send the material to me. I wanted to add you can ask for help with translation in the overhearing… for instance by Silvia or Helga!
Ciao ciao from the airport.


For An

Oh my god look at my face
I think you look so pretty
thank you
why dont you go there
like infront of it
wait moment
look look look
you are hilarious
should i take it with or without it?
Where there?

look at me
that will be how much?
How should I pose?
What should I do?
I have to get cash
you sit down here
what do they do with that
like all of them?
I love that song. It is like saaccrifiiice?

Castello Sforceszo.
You are wasting your time
no money
you are wasting your time
just look
you cant live in milano without money
i dont believe you
just look
i hope to see you tomorrow

Bis wann brauchst du deinen Anzug?
1. Dezember
( )
Shit, vielleicht sollten wir zurück.