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COSE COSMICHE – PROPOSAL by Moritz Fingerhut

Let me first of all point out, that I am really delighted by you call for proposals. The quest to propose an artwork that “must not be dependable and justifiable in the economic, moral or artistic points of view. All this but with a high content of future vision“ reads to me like a focal point of artistic production per se. And yet, I think it either accounts for all artistic work, or it is impossible achieve. In short: As soon as a proposal is discussed in an art environment, it automatically relates to this social context. The artwork or proposal for itself is nothing. The context – may it be the gallery or the viewer makes it to be an artwork – or not. The artwork depends on an audience, that can read, understand, relate, build upon,… it. In this case, the audience is the jury, that is composed of “ scientist, critics, artists, boxers and collectors”. But this audience is always already submerged in it’s own society.  As hard as I think, I do only see one way out of this: My proposal for Cose Cosmiche is that I refuse to accept the jury. Option 1: I propose to let creatures decide about the proposals that do not stand within our society.  A random animal from a list of animals should be selected to decide about the proposals for Cose Cosmiche.
Option 2: The proposals together with the project budget will be kept in a box for xxxx years, so that other societies in the future, that are not part of our society anymore can decide upon the proposals.

Cosmic Proposal – Option 2

On 02/12/2012 23:06, MO wrote:

Hello Helga and Silvia,

I just came back to Delhi from the north India.
I think I found a good spot for the deposition of the box at an altitude of approx. 5600m.
The area around there is very harsh and desert like with rocks and sand and people even refer to it as moon land. Only the very top has snow.
We had a good trip & I hope the box will be found at some time but not in the too near future.

Can you please send me your mailing address?
I would like to send you the key for the box as a reference to the work.

Have a nice advent.


On 26/10/2012 17:29, Cose Cosmiche wrote:

Dear Moritz,

The idea to realize Option 2 is great and we love the idea to deposit the box in the Indian north’s mountains.
India is the perfect place for this Cosmic project and the north mountains are the best..the perfect place to protect ‘spiritually’ the box.
Please send us as soon as possible a postal address where we can send all the proposal to put in the box and the IBAN for accredit the money( if you have more idea tell us..we thought also to send money in an envelop :) but is not sure and someone could steal it …more idea?)
This week-end for us will be quite difficult to have a Skype meting. It is possible for you to connect on Wednesday or Friday afternoon at about our 9 pm (our evening)??
Let us know and send us all the info for send the proposals and the money!

Best regards
H & S

On 22/10/2012 23:44, MO wrote:

Hello Helga and Silvia,

Sorry for the late reply, I’m in India right now for a project.

Thank you for your email and the Prize!

Yes, I would like to realize the project (option 2), but this would mean, that I require you to send me also the other proposals. Then I can pack the proposals together with the money in a box.

Since I’m here in India at the moment and we planned to do a trip to the north into the mountains end of novemmber, I had the idea, that I could deposit the box there in the mountains, together with a description about the project.

We could have a skype meeting towards the end of the week. Our time zone is 3 1/2 hours in advance here, so maybe early evening your time? Please tell me, what’s best for you.

Best regards


On Oct 17, 2012, at 8:37 PM, Cose Cosmiche wrote:

Hi Moritz,
as you Know your Cose Cosmiche Proposal won The Cosmic Prize. The total amount of the prize is 675 euro. We can send you money by bank transfer if you send us your IBAN.
We hope that the prize will help you to realize the Cose Cosmiche Proposal. We and the jury loved both Option1 and Option 2.
Will be great if you will develop one of the options and document it, could be a great project.
What do you think of have a meeting on Skype and talk about?
With our best  regards
Helga and Silvia

On 06/10/2012 09:10, Cose Cosmiche wrote:

Hi Moritz, sorry for the delay in reply but Cose Cosmiche is just finished and we are having a little rest.
We will write you an email soon.
And… sure you are the winner!

On 06/10/2012 05:40, MO wrote:

Thank you for your email. My Italian skills are not that great, but I was able to figure out, that you liked my proposal.
Thank you very much.
What is the further procedure ?

I hope to hear form you soon.
Best regards


Moritz Fingerhut

On Oct 4, 2012, at 1:05 AM, Cose Cosmiche wrote:

Vi comunichiamo che il vincitore del Premio Cosmico è: Moritz Fingerhut.

L’esatto ammontare del premio raccolto dai Giurati /Azionisti e dalla Fondazione Arthur Cravan é di 675 euro.

Ai giurati è stato consegnato, come attestato per aver contribuito alla realizzazione di un opera Cosmica, una carta sparata con calibro 9mm.

Vi terrermo aggiornati sullo sviluppo del progetto vincitore.