Dear Mr. President, Reunion and Galactic Tacos

Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen > 25 aprile – 9 maggio 2018

We are happy to invite you all!

Domenica 6 Maggio 2018 ore 18.00 – 22.00 / Sunday 6 May 6 – 10 pm
Fondazione Arthur Cravan
Via Aleardi n.11, Milano

Since I´ve picked up my diploma in the meantime I´d like to use this opportunity to share a taco in the backyard and show you some works of mine brought to Milan from Istanbul by some delightful Turks as well as the ongoing research on national mottos Dear Mr. President in the Sales Office. There will be Mezcal. WELCOME!!!

In the Sales Office you will find the ongoing work Dear Mr. President. In 2016 the artist sent a letter to each head of state of the member countries of the United Nations seeking information regarding the absence or presence of a national motto as well as interrogating its “social life”, origin and visibility today. Wanting with this to point out the, in some cases, outdated and uncanny content of the mottos.

The responses she received are on view as well as a collection of 4 books created step by step as the work was evolving.

Additionally a series of works with maps are on display, recently brought to Milan from Istanbul, Turkey where they have previously been shown. Hundreds of old and new maps have been shredded and recomposed.


I´d just love to participate at the senseless residency, only problem is that I have no senseless affairs to do in Milan, my “project” is to meet as much friends, acquaintances, enemies, old lovers, places and spaces that I miss incredibly much from time to time.
I would eventually pick up my diploma from the academy as well…
Hope you are doing great girls,
lots of kisses from Marbella.

1 8eee509d-3ac9-4c6a-95a6-2cf3057e2b33  Cecilie enjoying the Senseless Residency

Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen was Born in Porsgrunn, Norway in 1984. She finished her Masters Program in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA (Milan, Italy) in February 2016 – where she also earned her BFA (2013). Prior to her studies she lived and worked in Spain for approximately 6 years, where she is currently living.
A part from several group shows and a couple of solo shows (Dear Mr. President – AVTO Istanbul (2017), FINISSAGE – Milano 2015, BAHAMAS – Room galleria Milano (2013) she hasparticipated as a performer in numerous events with among others Nicolò Parsenziani – VideoSoundArt Festival, Villa Simonetta, Milano (2012), Marcello Maloberti – Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennial (2013), Steve Piccolo – reading, magazine E il Topo, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (2013), driver for director Alessandra Galletta during the making of documentary Osses sione Vezzoli, MOCA – Los Angeles (2014), project coordinator for the unedited performance One hundred people say UMBRELLA by John Baldessari, NABA, Milano (2015) as well as a performer for Cassina 9.0: 2017-1927, Horizontal Freedom, Fuorisalone at Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Milano (2017) . In 2012 she attended the VIR Viafarini-in-residence program (cur. Simone Frangi) and in 2016 she held a talk at the ArtHouse (Skhodra, Albania). Between December 2012 – July 2014 she worked as an assistant to artist Adrian Paci, September – November 2015 assistant to architect and curator Lorenza Baroncelli for the Serpentine Pavilion and Summer Houses 2016 as well as assistant to artist Aldo Gigli for Papaya, Marbella (2017).

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RESIDENZE INSENSATE 2017-2018, a cura di Cose Cosmiche. La Fondazione Arthur Cravan indice un programma di residenze e mette a disposizione un luogo dove sia possibile elaborare e dedicarsi a progetti considerati insensati: oltre il buon senso comune, gli standard, le norme e normalizzazioni (consapevoli o inconsapevoli) della produzione artistica e intellettuale del tempo… di questo tempo.
La Fondazione Arthur Cravan, è ispirata al performer dadaista A. Cravan ed ha l’obbiettivo di supportare, produrre e promuovere idee e progetti considerati ‘Irrealizzabili’, ‘non convenzionali’ e ‘Senza Futuro’.

SENSELESS RESIDENCY 2017-2018, curated by Cose Cosmiche. The Arthur Cravan Foundation announces a residency programme and provides a place for developing and working on projects deemed to be “senseless”: beyond the good common sense, standards, norms and normalization (conscious or unconscious) of the artistic and intellectual production of the time… of this time.
The Arthur Cravan Foundation, inspired by the Dadaist performer A. Cravan, is dedicated to supporting, producing, and promoting projects and ideas deemed to be “unrealizable,” “non-conventional” and “No Future”.