Domenico Quaranta
Dear Stefan,
thank you too for the invitation! I would love you to be me for one day :-)
So, my suggestion is: buy or borrow some basic painting equipment (one or more canvases, oil /
acrylic colors, brushes) and paint all day long. Prosaic landscape painting, possibly en plein air. If it
rains or you are too lazy to look for natural places around Milan and paint sur le motif, stay at home
and paint the sky. I love cloud studies and skyporn. Date and sign every painting as Domenico
Quaranta. They don’t need to be masterpieces: just enjoy the pure joy of painting, for one day. You
can keep what you do of course, but I would be happy to have one painting for me at least.
Why? Being Domenico Quaranta has to be a gift, not a punishment. As I got your request, I
thought that I should share with you what I’d like to do if I could, not what I’m usually doing. Well, if
I had a 48 hours day, I’d paint. I’m also taking the idea of “curating your life” very seriously.
Watching nature and painting can offer you a relief from the toxicity and speed of daily life; and can
definitely heal a young goood artist from the aftermaths of conceptualism.
Hope you’ll enjoy being me (and I mean me, not Bob Ross)


Dear Domenico,

I had a great time exploring the beauty of cloud paintings, it was a sunny day with clear blue sky and I am quite happy with results. Now I took the freedom to organize a small opening this upcoming Sunday (invitation attached).

It would be great to meet up there and I hope you can make it.



PS. One painting is of course reserved for you to take home



Hi Domenico,

it was so nice that you came to the opening on Sunday.

Please find some images of your exhibition attached.

All my best


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