<HYPERSENSELESS RESIDENCY 2023 – on invitation


Hannes Egger and Hannah Berestizhevsky

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Public Event

Giovedì 27 aprile, ore 19
Fondazione Arthur Cravan / Cortile – Ghiacciaia
Via Aleardi 11
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Nell’attesa può sembrare che il tempo si sia fermato, mentre il tempo continua a muoversi alla stessa velocità. Anche quando aspettiamo siamo in movimento. Aspettare è aspettarsi qualcosa, coltivare la speranza. Aspettare è portare il peso dell’attesa, che cresce con il passare del tempo. Che cosa stiamo aspettando? Hannes Egger e Hannah Berestizhevsky praticano entrambi l’azione dell’attesa e giovedì 27 aspetteranno l’inaspettato nei panni di Estragone e Vladimiro. La performance invita il pubblico a unirsi all’insensato, ma esiziale, atto dell’attesa. Per passare il tempo, gli spettatori sono invitati a partecipare assumendo il ruolo di alcuni personaggi dell’opera di Samuel Beckett.


When waiting it may feel as if time has stopped, but time continues moving at the same rate. Even when we wait we are in motion. To wait is to expect something, to endure hope. To wait is to carry the weight of waiting, which grows as time passes. What is it we are waiting for? Hannes Egger and Hannah Berestizhevsky are both practicing the action of waiting, and on the 27th  they will be waiting for the unexpected as Estragon and Vladimir.  The performance invites the audience to join the senseless, yet essential, act of waiting. To pass the time, individuals are encouraged to participate by taking on the role of some characters in Samuel Beckett’s play.

Hannah Berestizhevsky
A working artist, an educator, a mother, and a friend. Born in 1988, Zaporozhye Ukraine and Immigrated to Israel a year later. Followed by numerous national and international relocations. Perhaps it’s the root to her fixation of camouflage, social constructs and migration.
Her work uses performance with tangible results and digital documentation, allowing for three perspectives simultaneously. Through the production of art, her aim is to create a meditative state or sensation that provokes contemplation, and ponder the rules, written and unwritten, of any given space or place. Allowing for space to think about who you are and why you feel the way you do. Her work aims to raise questions about the human condition and the unnecessary barriers between humans and humanity. Using the body as a basis for criticism addressed to human social behaviours, as well as representing the physical sphere as a political tool or a reflection of a social phenomenon.

Hannes Egger, born 1981 in Bolzano (I), studied philosophy at the University of Vienna (A) and at the “La Sapienza” in Rome (I).
Contract lecturer at the Free University of Bozen / Bolzano (I) and at the Fakulta umění a designu Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem (CZ).
The artistic practice of Hannes Egger is linked to an essentially conceptual approach aimed at engaging and interacting with the public. His performances, installations and participatory projects invite people to adopt an unusual attitude or viewpoint, in order to reflect on our surrounding reality and the way we share the spaces we inhabit. His concept of art does not refer to an opus in the most traditional sense, but consists of creating situations of an open and in-progress platform, to see how these situations will develop once the audience participates. Egger often provides some coordinates or instructions to follow, and thus turns the action of the participant into the art work itself.

HYPERSENSELESS RESIDENCY è il programma di residenza su invito a cura di Cose Cosmiche che mette a disposizione ad artisti e ricercatori da varie discipline un luogo dove sia possibile elaborare e dedicarsi a progetti considerati insensati: oltre il buon senso comune, gli standard, le norme e normalizzazioni (consapevoli o inconsapevoli) della produzione artistica e intellettuale del tempo… di questo tempo. Realizzato grazie al supporto della Fondazione Arthur Cravan.

HYPERSENSELESS RESIDENCY curated by Cose Cosmiche, is a residency program on invitation that provides to artists and researcher from various disciplines a place in Milan for developing and working on projects deemed to be “senseless”: beyond the good common sense, standards, norms and normalization (conscious or unconscious) of the artistic and intellectual production of the time… of this time. The residency program is supported by the Arthur Cravan Foundation.

 Photo by Silvia Hell – Silvia Listorti – Helga Franza