somebody else

Stefan Klein

To be somebody else

Senseless Residency 2020 /2021

We are pleased to announce Berlin-based artist Stefan Klein, one of the three winners of our Senseless Residency program 2020/2021.

26th September – 5th October 2020 – Arthur Cravan Foundation
Via Aleardi 11 and other places, Milan.


Stefan Klein’s proposal:

To be somebody else

“For a certain period of time I would like to be somebody else. Maybe for 15 days. Maybe in a unknown city, like Milan. But maybe not a specific person, but many different people. Aimless and directed at the same time. Carefree without intention and yet fully scheduled. I would like to have 15 people curate my residency time for 15 consecutive days. Too conceptual without any clear concept. The result is open.”

Something has changed, the days will be 7. From Monday 28th September to Sunday 4th October.

7 curators will play an active role in it’s realization.

More soon.

About Stefan Klein: