What: Wobbly table meetings

Where: Senseless conversation room, Hotel Belgrade during Art Weekend Belgrade 20-29 October 2021  

Day 1: ‘Dreams’ with Barbara Breitenfellner

Day 2: ‘Wobbly Badger and Poltergeist’ with The 181‘ Stolen time vs lost time’ with Alexandra Stratimirovic

Day 3 ‘Ubu Pataphisics’ with Ramuntcho Matta‘Red’ with Daniel Chluba

Day 4: ‘Smells, Senses and sensations’ with Nikola Radosavljević  – ‘Echo-chamber / Anxiety’ with Kalium Graves – ‘Numbers’ with Vladimir Markovic – ‘Femal Prostata’ with Julia Frankenberg – ‘1 min diorama’ with Matteo Cremonesi – ‘Scientific meditations and Aliens’ with Lauren Reid –  ‘Fibonacci Series’ with Catherine Nichols – ‘Multidimensional’ with Mia Suppiej

Day 5: ‘De-collection’ with Elisa Bollazzi Microcollection – ‘Artist is absent’ with Hannes Egger