Thanks to An Paenhuysen for the piece on her Senseless Residency at Fondazione Arthur Cravan!


Couldn’t have been more lucky to be invited to the Residenza Insensate of Cose Cosmiche (Cosmic Things) by the Arthur Cravan Foundation when I happened to turn forty. I mean, imagine turning forty with a meaningful project… You would know for sure that nothing exciting is gonna happen to you anymore. The idea of the Residenza Insensate is to spend most of your time horizontally on the sofa. The sofa is big and you can really spread out. It also involves a lot of coffee breaks and dinners as Chinatown. As my friend J. said, how great and exceptional to have a residency that is not focused on production and status, but on having an experience and building relationships: “If you don’t have rich experiences (and only focus on competition), what are you going to use to make your creative work???  more >