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SILLY POEMS by An Paenhuysen

a time/space presentation in two movements


Sabato 26 Settembre 2020
ore 18.30 pittogramma-cocktail-nero-sagomato-medioSpazio: Fondazione Arthur Cravan (cortile)
Via Aleardi 11, Milano

Siamo felici di invitarvi allo short talk di An Paenhuysen in occasione della pubblicazione di Silly Poems a cura di Cose Cosmiche. Un piccolo libro da esplorare in più direzioni, edizioni the third eye.

Silly Poems è nato dall’esperienza della Residenza Insensata di An Paenhuysen a Milano nel 2018 ed è stato pubblicato nel giugno 2020 grazie al contributo della Fondazione Arthur Cravan. La presentazione sarà in inglese.
Verrano seguite le norme anti Covid relative al distanziamento e al rilevamento della temperatura. Se vi è possibile vi chiediamo di prenotare la vostra presenza a

E’ possibile avere una copia del libro alla presentazione o ordinandolo online (donazione 12 euro – spedizione gratuita) order now >

We are happy to invite you to the short talk by An Paenhuysen for the publication of Silly Poems curated by Cose Cosmiche. A small book to explore in several directions, edited by the third eye. Silly Poems was born from the experience of An Paenhuysen’s Senseless Residency in Milan in 2018 and was published in June 2020 thanks to the contribution of the Arthur Cravan Foundation. The presentation will be in English.

The anti-Covid regulations relating to the distance between people and temperature detection will be followed. If possible, we ask you to book your presence at

You can get a copy at the presentation or order by email at  (donation 12 euro – free delivery). order now >


A selection was exhibited at Senseless Residency,
19 – 20 September 2018, Arthur Cravan Foundation, Milan.
Silly Poems / Residency Diary Cose Cosmiche
by An Paenhuysen
curated by COSE COSMICHE
published by the third eye
Milan, June 2020

SillyPoems third eye

An Paenhuysen loves blogging on art. She teaches online about art criticism and writing. Together with her Creative Forms in Art Writing class she published a series of e-books about science fiction and storytelling in art writing. At the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin An give guided tours – her favorite artist in the collection is Andy Warhol. Recently she curated the show Up and Down at KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin. Together with the artist Wolfgang Müller, she published the book 11 Objects of the Science of Misunderstanding. An studied cultural history before switching to the contemporary art world. They have a beautiful word for this crossover in German language: “Quereinsteiger.”

Arthur Cravan Foundation, inspired by the Dadaist performer A. Cravan, is dedicated to supporting, producing, and promoting projects and ideas deemed to be “unrealizable,” “non-conventional” and “No Future”.

COSE COSMICHE is a catalyst/platform for artists, scientists and researchers from various disciplines interested in reflecting and exchanging views on space, time, energy and matter. Cose Cosmiche is curated by Helga Franza and Silvia Hell. ,