seismograph_observatory_in_naples__cose_cosmicheProgetto di ricerca “Place of Weathers” / “Der Ort der Witterungen”

An Paenhuysen – Lucie Strecker – Cose Cosmiche

Residence research at Magacin Macura, Stari Banovci, Beograd

The meeting of volcano and archive will be researched and explored locally by An Paenhuysen, Lucie Strecker and Cose Cosmiche. At the end of the research residency, their findings will be presented (and performed) to the audience.

Period: 28 April – 7 May, 2023 (10 days)

Location: Macura Magazin

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Si è tenuto sabato 6 maggio 2023 alle ore 14.00 presso l’archivio di pratiche artistiche Magazzino Macura la presentazione del progetto di ricerca Place of Weathers / Der Ort der Witterungen incentrato sul rapporto tra il vulcano e l’archivio. Portato avanti da An Paenhuysen, Lucie Strecker e il collettivo Cose Cosmiche (Helga Franza e Silvia Hell) in una residenza di ricerca presso il Magazzino Macura, sito in un punto sul Danubio in cui diversi agenti atmosferici si incontrano, il progetto è sostenuto dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Belgrado e dal Goethe Institut di Belgrado.

Place of Weathers / Ort der Witterungen, Macura Magazin / Museum, Stari Banovci and Novi Banovci

In September 2022, during a stay at the Goethe Morph* Festival, Reykjavik, The House of The Deadly Doris, which housed a 1980s West-Berlin post-punk archive1, disbanded, becoming part of history. From the perspective of a cultural historian, its director Dr. An Paenhuysen was quite pleased with this transition. It was probably no coincidence that the dissolution into history took place on the volcanic island of Iceland. Both volcanoes and archives are not dead, but they are not really alive either: only active from time to time.
In 2023, archive and volcano will meet again during a research residency at the Muzej and Magacin Macura. For this encounter, An Paenhuysen (always with the archive in the pocket) will collaborate with the artist Lucie Strecker (Vienna) and Cose Cosmiche (Helga Franza and Silvia Hell, Milan). more>
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