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Siamo felici di invitarvi alla Residenza Insensata di Apparatus 22!
We are happy to invite you all at the Apparatus 22 Senseless Residency!
Apparatus 22 same time same space Arnhem may 2018

Apparatus 22 on hardcore minimalism, Ioana Nemes, neo myths and the great outdoors

Talk and pittogramma-cocktail-nero-sagomato-medio
Giovedì 25 ottobre 2018  h. 19.30 – 22.00 (talk ore 20.30)
Wednesday 25 October 2018 h. 7.30 – 10.00 PM (talk at 8.30 PM)
Fondazione Arthur Cravan
via Aleardi 11, Milano

Photo >

The talk will introduce the practice of art collective Apparatus 22 through a set of topics ranging from their approach to minimalism in recent series of works about the body, the need to invent modern myths, the thrills of working outside institutional space and the brilliance of their late colleague, artist Ioana Nemes.

Residency Research
We have long resisted senseless in our creative repertoire. By senseless we don’t mean absurd or surreal, counterintuitive or anything bordering SF, but blunt senseless.
In thinking of something that could be senseless in relation to our practice we ended up imagining the possibility of indulging in our peculiar obsession with Eataly – the food emporium casting a strange fascination ever since we first visited the one in Rome back in 2013.
What constitutes and feeds such fascination?
Could be the sublime selection of perfectly designed products?
The way manufactured hints of idealized Italian lifestyle unfold in the hybrid space of stores and restaurants?
The funny, slightly creepy promise in their manifesto about making all efforts in alluring us as lifetime customers?
Could there be something else, imperceptible, like a puff of cool breeze?
During the residency time we will settle our headquarters in Eataly Milan, thus allowing ourselves to linger over the rows of countless products, boxes,  immersing in the peculiar landscape,  surfing carelessly in a bottomless abyss of categories, colors, tastes, customers,  brand communication etc.
A deftly why? stays firmly unclear.  Maybe trying for a non-utilitarian reading of things (prophylactic thought in case of total disappointment). more >

Apparatus 22 is a transdisciplinary art collective founded in January 2011 by current members Erika Olea, Maria Farcas, Dragos Olea together with Ioana Nemes (1979 – 2011) in Bucharest, Romania. Beginning with 2015 they are working between Bucharest and Brussels. They see themselves as a collective of dreamers, researchers, poetic activists and (failed) futurologists interested in exploring the intricate relationships between economy, politics, gender studies, social movements, religion and fashion in order to understand contemporary society. A recent topic of research and reflection in Apparatus 22 practice is SUPRAINFINIT universe: a world-making attempt to use hope critically in navigating present and future. In their very diverse works – installations, performances, text based-shapes, reality is mixed with fiction and storytelling and all merge with a critical approach drawing knowledge & experience from design, sociology, literature and economics.more >

Thanks to An Paenhuysen for the piece on her Senseless Residency at Fondazione Arthur Cravan!


Couldn’t have been more lucky to be invited to the Residenza Insensate of Cose Cosmiche (Cosmic Things) by the Arthur Cravan Foundation when I happened to turn forty. I mean, imagine turning forty with a meaningful project… You would know for sure that nothing exciting is gonna happen to you anymore. The idea of the Residenza Insensate is to spend most of your time horizontally on the sofa. The sofa is big and you can really spread out. It also involves a lot of coffee breaks and dinners as Chinatown. As my friend J. said, how great and exceptional to have a residency that is not focused on production and status, but on having an experience and building relationships: “If you don’t have rich experiences (and only focus on competition), what are you going to use to make your creative work???  more >


Hotello: somnia et labora. Abitare un ritardo >

a cura di Ermanno Cristini e Giancarlo Norese

Presentazione del libro >
Giovedì 11 ottobre ore 18.30
Fondazione Arthur Cravan, via Aleardi 11, Milano
Talk ,pittogramma-cocktail-nero-sagomato-medio and sound!

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Vi invitiamo alla presentazione del libro Hotello: somnia et labora. Abitare un ritardo, a cura di Ermanno Cristini e Giancarlo Norese per La centrale edizioni*. Il libro contiene interventi di artisti realizzati in occasione della partecipazione di Hotello (un progetto di Roberto de Luca e Antonio Scarponi) alla mostra 999. Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo, a cura di Stefano Mirti, presso la Triennale di Milano dal 12 gennaio al 2 aprile 2018.

Nel corso della serata saranno riproposti alcuni degli interventi sonori realizzati in Hotello secondo un programma zigzagante indeterminato:
Gianluca Codeghini Its reflections decline in their meaning (Music for carillon – Lp – 2018) >
Alessio de Girolamo Abitare un ritardo sonoro >
Helga Franza e Sophie Usunier FREESBEE SONG – March, 15, 2018 – Milano/Metz >

IMG_1768 IMG_1714-- IMG_1746

Hanno “ritardato”  in Hotello in ordine di apparizione:
E IL TOPO (Gabriele Di Matteo, Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato et al.); Al Fadhil; Marco Giacomoni; Francesco Maria Gamba; Stefano Benini; Daniele Pario Perra – Lucia Babina; Luca Pancrazzi – Alessio de Girolamo; Silvia Hell – Gianluca Codeghini; Chiara Pergola; Silvano Repetto; Roberto de Luca; Microcollection; Giuliano Galletta – Thomas Gori; Luca Scarabelli – Valentina Petter; Helga Franza – Sophie Usunier; Giuliano Palmieri; Meinrad Feuchter; Mirko Aretini; Marika Pensa; Olivia Notaro; Matteo Cremonesi; Giovanni Bai; Fiorenza Bassetti; Paola Pietronave e Francesca Migone; Stefano Cagol; Marta Margnetti; Umberto Cavenago e Sabrina D’Alessandro; Valentina Maggi Summo; Roberto Rossini; Antonio Scarponi
* La centrale edizioni è un nome collettivo senza scopo di lucro, fondato in sud Europa nel 2018

Siamo felici di invitarvi alla Residenza Insensata di Davide Sgambaro!
We are happy to invite you all at the Davide Sgambaro Senseless Residency!


C’è un odore che ricorda me e le voci mi sembran familiari

Davide Sgambaro
pittogramma-cocktail-nero-sagomato-medio Mercoledì 3 ottobre 2018 h. 19.00 – 22.00
Wednesday 3 October 2018 h. 7.00 – 10.00 PM
Fondazione Arthur Cravan
via Aleardi 11, Milano

Con questo progetto insensato Davide Sgambaro apre le porte della residenza e vi invita ad esporre un frammento di un brano musicale che vi rappresenta, il tutto sotto una calda doccia. La casa è aperta tutti i giorni dal 27 settembre al 4 ottobre previa prenotazione al +393338404416. 

Vi invitiamo mercoledì 3 ottobre per un aperitivo con una selezione musicale composta dai brani originali scelti dalle persone che hanno contribuito al progetto. Sarà anche possibile accedere alla doccia, in tal caso portate un asciugamano. 

Quando incontro una persona non riesco mai a chiedere informazioni personali, è più forte di me, ho sempre preferito immaginarle, o scoprirle pian piano ascoltando le parole e osservando le abitudini. In questo breve periodo vorrei invitare una decina di persone a fare la doccia nella casa dove sarò ospitato con il solo obbligo di pensare ad un qualsiasi pezzo musicale che rispecchi la vita vissuta finora. Verrà così realizzata una playlist da fruire tutti assieme in un ascolto collettivo. La particolarità di questa playlist è che sarà composta da generi e velocità differenti creando così un clima sonoro totalmente altalenante. more>

Davide Sgambaro > 27 settembre – 4 ottobre 2018


Siamo felici di invitarvi alla Residenza Insensata di An Paenhuysen!
We are happy to invite you all at the An Paenhuysen Senseless Residency!

Keep it short! Flash Stories in Art Writing

by An Paenhuysen

Talk and pittogramma-cocktail-nero-sagomato-medio
Mercoledì 19 settembre 2018  h. 19.30 – 22.30
Wednesday 19 September 2018 h. 7.30 – 10.30 PM
Fondazione Arthur Cravan
via Aleardi 11, Milano

Italian language is known for taking the scenic route. But are there advantages to keeping it short? Let’s have a thinking session about short-format writing, the art of few words, also known as “literature’s hand luggage.” How to fit a narrative in a very small space?

I will talk about the flash stories I wrote for Underwear Secrets. Little Thoughts in Art, a book inspired by my guided tours at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin. I’ll mix them with some half thoughts I have during the Residenze Insensate. In between we’ll do some finger exercises with a minimum of words. more>



Anton Vidokle -The Communist Revolution Was Caused By The Sun - 2015

We could live as particles of the sun

A cosmist theory workshop by Cristina Moraru.

Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 June 2018
6.30 – 8.30 PM
Arthur Cravan Foundation, via Aleardi 11, Milano

Workshop program:
Monday 25, 6.30 – 8.30 PM: Presentation of the cosmism philosophy; configuration of working teams that will explore the cosmist theory according to their similarities in thinking about art and cosmos, and their preferred medium of work (drawing, sketching, writing, etc.)
Tuesday 26, 6.30 – 8.30 PM: Projection of two works of art related to this cosmic theme: The Communist Revolution Was Caused by the Sun, 2015, made by Anton Vidokle and The Factory of the Sun, 2015, made by Hito Steyerl. Interpretation of the presented works according to a given methodology. Conclusions. From 8.30 PM: aperitif and dinner.
Free entrance. Reservation suggested. The workshop will be in English.
To participate please contact

SAMSUNG CSC 3-IMG_1070 photo>

Art can do anything: it can extend our life, reinvent our bodies, resurrect us from death, it can make us immortal, self-sustainable and it can offer us the possibility of exploring the entire universe. This is the paradigm of thinking which motivated my project ‒ consisting in a workshop intended to analyze the possibility of restructuring the culture, the society, the politics and ideology, in every aspect of human life, in order to achieve the somehow ‘senseless’ purpose of attaining immortality.
The theme of the workshop revolves around the cosmist idea that death is not natural, is just an error in a certain life process that it can be overcome trough scientifically research in all the fields of knowledge, including art. (Anton Vidokle and Hito Steyerl).
Nikolai Fedorov takes this idea even further and envisions a world in which we would disavow our existence as subjects and choose to be objects – not technological objects that are used and devalued through time, but art objects, which are cared for and are not replaceable: objects that can be restored – animated, but are immortal objects.
Other concepts discussed are: the production of time (Antonio Negri), the cosmic circulation of energy, the blood rejuvenation community (Alexander Bogdanov), the telepathic sphere of reason (Vladimir Vernadsky), the superintelligence and the post-humanism. more>

Image: Anton Vidokle, Film still from The Communist Revolution Was Caused By the Sun, 2015.


LanaLive – AUSSICHTEN 24/05/2018 – 03/06/2018

Conferenza Passeggiando @ LanaLive

Sabato 2 giugno 2018, Sottopasso Lido, Lana (Bz)
Incontro ore 15.00 e partenza ore 15.30

Luca Ciprari – Carlo Dell’Acqua – Alex D’Elia (Acme) – Massimo Ferronato – Thomas Letschka – Andrea Polato – Leonardo Pelo – Elena Zini

5FerronataLanaLive_2018Foto Flyle-204Ciprari-LanaLive_2018_Foto Flyle-16 3Letschka-LanaLive_2018_Foto Flyle-14

Photo >

Video >

Come sarebbe dolce vedere il sole di profilo¹

Conferenza Passeggiando è un’azione collettiva. Un progetto che si propone di disegnare percorsiconferenza invitando ricercatori di vari ambiti a parlare (esporsi) camminando e attraversando territori.
L’azione di sabato 2 giugno 2018 sarà un esperimento di attraversamento non convenzionale della cittadina di Lana, in occasione di LanaLive – International Culture Festival. Le riflessioni e gli ultimi studi di scienziati, artisti e intellettuali si alterneranno risuonando e collidendo con l’ambiente attraversato.
Thomas Letschka e Elena Zini del Centro di Sperimentazione Laimburg parleranno di ricerca genetica, futuro delle coltivazioni e del rapporto coltura/cultura. Sul Sole, macchie e tempeste solari e sull’asteroide Franz Thaler parlerà l’astronomo Luca Ciprari dello staff scientifico del Planetarium Südtirol/Alto Adige. Rifletteranno su energia, tecnologie blockchain e criptovalute Massimo Ferronato e Alex D’Elia (Acme) di Mangrovia Solutions. Ascolteremo il musicista Andrea Polato costruire ritmi e percorsi sonori. Leonardo Pelo, direttore creativo, strategic planner ed ex scacchista parlerà di social network e identità. Con l’artista Carlo Dell’Acqua assisteremo all’audio-performance Scatole craniche. more>

¹ J. Baudrillard, Cool Memories. Diari 1980-1990, SugarCo, 1991


Die Entwicklung neuer Apfelsorten: gestern, heute und morgen Thomas Letschka (genetista)
La quiete prima della tempesta: il Sole e noiLuca Ciprari (astronomo)
La sequenza infinitaMassimo Ferronato (information architect)
Energy communityAlex D’Elia – Acme (information architect) Scatole cranicheCarlo Dell’Acqua (artista)
Tracce biologiche: il DNA tra identificazione e biodiversità nella vite e nel meloElena Zini (genetista)
heat heat heat – Part IAndrea Polato (musicista)
Identità social e mondo asocialeLeonardo Pelo (art director)
heat heat heat – Part IIAndrea Polato (musicista)


We are happy to invite you all at the Michael Fesca Senseless Residency!



A lecture by Michael Fesca

Tuesday 22 May 7-10 pm with drinks and no dinner
Wednesday 23 May 9-12 pm with dinner and drinks
Fondazione Arthur Cravan, via Aleardi 11, Milano

About double binds, Doppler effects, second scripts und Dubletten! On the production of sense in a rhythmical way, the dramatizations and processes of a praxis of “knowledge in motion“ and the influence of temporality on our accepting “as true“.
Translations, not only between languages, intend to improve our understanding, at the same time permanently generate new combinations that have to be interpreted. With a salty reverberation, des köstlichsten Unsinns, dem salzigen Nachhall, of delicious nonsense on our lips, schmeckt Sinn allzu fade, sense seems to be tasteless, a random coincidence, when we constantly hit beside the goal, we accept it with disgust. Uff(a)! Phew!

A proposito di dilemma, effetto Doppler, copioni und Dubletten! Sulla produzione del senso in modo ritmico, le drammatizzazioni e i processi di una prassi di “conoscenza in movimento” e l’influenza della temporalità sul nostro modo di “prendere per vero”.
Le traduzioni, non solo tra le lingue, sono tese a migliorare la nostra comprensione, allo stesso tempo generano in modo permanente nuove combinazioni che devono essere interpretate. Con un riverbero salato, des köstlichsten Unsinns, dem salzigen Nachhall, del delizioso nonsenso sulle nostre labbra, schmeckt Sinn allzu fade, il senso sembra essere insapore, una coincidenza casuale, quando manchiamo costantemente il punto, l’accettiamo con disgusto. Uff(a)! Phew! +>


We are happy to invite you all at the Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen Senseless Residency!

Dear Mr. President, Reunion and Galactic Tacos

Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen > 25 aprile – 9 maggio 2018

We are happy to invite you all!

Domenica 6 Maggio 2018 ore 18.00 – 22.00 / Sunday 6 May 6 – 10 pm
Fondazione Arthur Cravan
Via Aleardi n.11, Milano

Since I´ve picked up my diploma in the meantime I´d like to use this opportunity to share a taco in the backyard and show you some works of mine brought to Milan from Istanbul by some delightful Turks as well as the ongoing research on national mottos Dear Mr. President in the Sales Office. There will be Mezcal. WELCOME!!! >+ Photo




Siamo felici di presentare la prima Residenza Insensata del 2018! We are pleased to announce the first 2018 Senseless Residency!


Mia D.Suppiej 7>8 aprile 2018


Fondazione Arthur Cravan, via Aleardi 11, Milano

L’artista Mia D. Suppiej si allenerà per imparare tutti i tricks con il Finger Spinner dedicando l’intero tempo della Residenza Insensata a questo magico estatico ipnotico PASSATEMPO.

Artist Mia D. Suppiej will train to learn the best tricks with Finger Spinner entirely dedicating her time with Residenze Insensate to this magic hipnotic hestatic PASSATEMPO.


#ability #training #performance #tempo #circularity #neverstop #nobeginningnoending


Desidererei abitare lo spazio offerto per esercitarmi a imparare tutti i trick possibili da fare con il finger spinner. Ne ho due meravigliosi e non ho mai il tempo di allenarmi…>+Photo